Olongapo Outfitters Hat

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If you are ordering $50 or more worth of merchandise in one order, you get one free hat with your order! You don't need to order it, I put it in there automatically. The only reason you need to order a hat is if your order is less than $50, or you just want an extra hat on top of the free one.

The Infamous Olongapo Outfitters hat!

Look at this thing! It's beautiful!

It will

  • make you more handsome and debonair (think Cary Grant)
  • lower your blood pressure
  • make you lose weight
  • lower your cholesterol
  • make you a sexual dynamo!

Well, okay, that's not really true; but it will keep your noggin warm and covered, whether you have a tiny little pea head or a big ol' watermelon head!

And it really is dead sexy!

  • Made out of brushed cotton
  • Logo is embroidered
  • One size fits most