Color Guide

The photo below shows the different colors together, so you can see the differences.

Top left: Coyote Tan/Khaki; top right: OD Green; bottom left: Multicam; bottom right: Coyote Brown.

Colors available:

Coyote Brown: The new mil-spec for US Marine Corps deuce gear (field gear). It is a medium-brown color with a slight green tint. A very good neutral color for camouflage.

Coyote Tan/Khaki: Coyote Tan is not "tan" at all. It's a light olive-green, like WWII Khaki. The Garand Belt Pouch pictured above is made out of Coyote Tan fabric. This is also a very good neutral color for camouflage.

OD Green: The color used by the military from the middle of World War II up until recently.

Multicam: A new camouflage scheme created by Crye Precision. It works in just about every environment except snow. To see photos of how it works in many different environments, visit the Multicam website's Gallery.

Black: Basic black, used by LEOs and civilians.

MARPAT: MARPAT Digital Woodland. This is a commercially-made copy of the Marine Corps fabric. 1000d Cordura.

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