7.62 Grab & Go

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  • 7" h x 14" w
  • Holds eight 20-round 7.62 NATO mags--two mags per pouch. Will hold any 20-rd 7.62 NATO mag: M14/M1A, FAL, HK91, G3, SCAR17/SCAR-H, as well as 20-rd 7.62 PMags
  • Pouch flaps are double-thickness 3" wide nylon webbing, with pull tab sewn in
  • Made out of 1000d Cordura
  • Rear map pouch
  • Each pouch has a drain hole, and there are two drain holes on the rear map pouch
  • Shoulder strap is 2" wide nylon webbing, and is 6' long for lots of adjustment
  • All materials are made in the USA
  • Each Grab and Go is made in the USA--by me!


Note: The Waist Belt (and side buckles) does NOT come standard on Grab and Gos. It must be purchased separately in the "Additional Options" box above.

  • 2" wide waist belt for more comfort than a 1" wide belt
  • Fully detachable
  • If you take off the waist belt, you can stow the buckles under the elastic webbing so they don't flop around and make noise.
  • The waist belt, combined with the Grab and Go itself, will fit waists up to 52"

Waist belt detached, buckles secured under elastic webbing

Waist belt attached