Garand Chest Rig

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  • 8" h x 16" w main panel
  • Holds 8 en bloc clips--one clip per pouch
  • MOLLE on both sides of the ammo pouches for extra gear. MOLLE on each side is 2 rows wide and 4 rows high
  • Pouch flaps are double-thickness 2" wide nylon webbing, with pull tab sewn in
  • Made out of 1000d Cordura for durability
  • Rear map pouch
  • There are two drain holes on the rear map pouch
  • Shoulder straps and waist belt are all made of 2" webbing for more comfort than 1" webbing
  • Shoulder straps and waist belt are long enough to fit over body armor, and the shoulder straps are adjustable front and back. (If they are too long for you, simply adjust it to your needs and cut off the excess with scissors, and then re-seal the end with a lighter--but don't cut too much! Just the small amount that sticks out)
  • Cross piece on the shoulder straps to prevent the shoulder straps from either slipping down off your shoulders or sliding up and pinching your neck. For best results, adjust the shoulder straps front and back so the cross piece sits in between your shoulder blades
  • Shoulder pads for added comfort. The padding is thin closed-cell foam (closed-cell foam doesn't absorb water)--it gives padding but is also thin enough to be out of the way
  • All materials are made in the USA
  • Each piece of gear is made in the USA--by me!