Shotgun Grab & Go

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7 1/2" h x 15" w

  • Holds 75 shells maximum in three pouches (25 per pouch)
  • Flashlight pouch holds a Surefire G3 or 6P flashlight; or a double-stack pistol mag; or a multi-tool; or any similar sized item
  • Pouch flaps are double-thickness 4" wide 1000d Cordura, with pull tab sewn in
  • Made out of 1000d Cordura
  • Rear map pouch
  • Each pouch has a drain hole, and there are two drain holes on the rear map pouch
  • Shoulder strap is 2" wide nylon webbing, and is 6' long for lots of adjustment
  • Detachable waist belt is standard on the Shotgun Grab and Go
  • All materials are Made In The USA
  • Each Grab and Go is made in the USA--by me!
  • The design process behind the Shotgun Grab and Go was this: I was contacted by a Sherriff's Deputy who complained about the lack of gear for carrying large amounts of shotgun shells. There are all types of bandoliers around; but nothing that could carry large quantities of ammo. That's how the Shotgun Grab and Go was designed. There are three separate pouches so that a person could carry buckshot in one pouch, slugs (or breachers) in another, and non-lethal in the third--or any combination you want.
  • The Shotgun Grab and Go was NOT designed for speed, though. It's not made with any three-gun matches in mind. If you want speed, buy those bandoliers. This was designed for real-world situations, and in the real world the first thing you should do when being fired upon is to get your butt behind cover. Once you get behind cover you can reload when you need. And if you're under fire, you'll want all the shotgun shells you could possibly carry. :)