Do you have any other colors than those listed?

The only colors available are those shown. If enough people request a certain color, I’ll add it to the lineup. To add a color I have to buy not only fabric; but three different types of webbing, matching hardware, thread, shock cord, elastic webbing, matching Velcro, and so on. It is a big investment just to add one color, so I’ll only add a color if enough people request it.

I noticed that the stock pouch options are LH (left hand) and RH (right hand). Which do I need?If you are a right-handed shooter, you need the right hand stock pouch; if you are a left-handed shooter, choose the left hand.

Why are Multicam and MARPAT more expensive than the other colors?

Very simply--those fabrics are about 60% more expensive than the other fabrics; and--this is where the pricing really jumps--those two colors of webbing are 300% to 400% more than solid webbing. (That's not a typo. If one yard of a particular webbing is, say, 70 cents a yard, the same size Multicam or MARPAT webbing is about $2.80 per yard--400% more.) I tried to absorb those extra costs for a while and price all colors the same; but I can't do it any longer.

What are your shipping charges? How do you ship?

Shipping is based on weight and your zip code. I used to have a flat rate charge; but I changed over to the USPS computer program, and now you are charged what the actual shipping fees are.

I will ship to APO and FPO; but I no longer ship outside the United States.

I only ship via Priority Mail. Priority Mail is faster, cheaper, and better than UPS or Fedex.

I'll send you an email after I've shipped your order to confirm that it shipped. You'll also get a confirmation email from USPS.

Why don't you have a phone number listed?

As I've stated elsewhere, I'm a one-man band. Not only do I cut and sew everything; I also do all of the shipping and follow-up and photography and web updates and so on. (I'm the CEO, CFO, Ad man, sweat shop manager, sweat shop employee, and janitor, all rolled into one. Haha!) Every minute I spend on the phone is a minute I'm not sewing someone's gear. I check emails once or twice a day, when I take a break for lunch and dinner and first thing in the morning, and since I'm checking emails during a normal break in the action, I'm not taking away from gear-making.

Do you have a walk-in store so I can look at your gear?

No, this is an internet-based enterprise only. I’ve been so busy since I started this affair that I don’t have much inventory to look at anyway. I'm a one-man operation, and one way I keep prices low is to use the internet as my cashier and salesperson. I'm sewing all the time. :)