Shipping is based on weight and your zip code. I used to have a flat rate charge; but I changed over to the USPS computer program, and now you are charged what the actual shipping fees are.

I will ship to APO and FPO; but I no longer ship outside of the United States of America.

I mainly ship via Priority Mail. Priority Mail is faster, cheaper, and better than UPS or FedEx. I've shipped hundreds of orders through Priority Mail and not only have zero orders been lost; but none have even been damaged (knock on wood!). Through the years I have been as critical of the USPS as anyone; but their Priority Mail shipping is good to go. If the gear was heavy, or I was selling something heavy, I would also have the option for UPS; but with lighter goods, USPS Priority Mail is cheaper--and faster than UPS Ground anyway. :) However, if you want to use UPS, send me an email and I'll let you know the shipping charges.

I'll send you an email after I've shipped your order to confirm that it shipped. You'll also get a confirmation email from USPS.