Why Buy Olongapo Outfitters

I use 1000 Denier Cordura, which is half the weight but has three times the abrasion resistance of old cotton canvas duck. Cordura also dries much faster.

I use 1", 2" and 3" 17337 and 43668 nylon webbing. 1" webbing has a breaking strength of 1100 pounds; 2" has a breaking strength of 2200 pounds; and 3" has a breaking strength of 3300 pounds.

I use #69 (Size E) and #92 (Size F) nylon bonded thread. Nylon bonded thread has three (or four) individual threads that have been wound together for extra strength, just as steel cable is stronger and more flexible than a solid steel wire.

I use mil-spec grommets and mil-spec Velcro, as well as ITW/Nexus/Fastex hardware and mil-spec shock cord (elastic cord). I cut all of the materials (except the Velcro) with a hot-knife to seal the edges so they won't fray--even edges of fabric and webbing that will never be seen--just to make the gear that much more durable.

All of the materials I use are Made in the USA, and the gear is Made in the USA (by me)!